Situation Assessments

The first step toward shaping effective policy for people and nature is usually to conduct a situation assessment. Situation Assessments summarize what we hear from a series of interviews with diverse stakeholders. They are not an exhaustive study, nor an end in themselves. Some interests and opinions may not be represented. Moreover, we are reporting what people said, and some factual inaccuracies may be present.

Managing Transboundary Natural Resources: An Assessment of the Need to Revise and Update the Columbia River Treaty. (2009)

Creating the Future of the Ninemile Valley: An Exploratory Assessment (2008). Appendices.

Situation Assessment for Terms of Agreement for Working Together for the Calgary Regional Partnership (2007).

Engaging People in the BLM Western Oregon Plan Revisions Process (2006). Final Recommendations.

Greater Twin Cities: A Region in Transition (2006)

Land Use and Transporation Planning in the Cumberland Region of Middle Tennessee (2006)

Situation Assessment on the Feasibility and Convening of Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee (2006)

Regional Land Use in the Pawcatuck Borderlands (2005)

Change and Land Use in the San Luis Valley (2004)

Building Partnerships for Conservation in New York - New Jersey Highlands (2004)

Responding to Growth in the Upper Delaware River Basin (2003)

Summary of Conflict Assessment on Regional Air Quality, Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation (2003)

Water Management in the Clark Fork River Basin: A Situation Assessment in Response to HB 397 (2002)

Situation Assessment on Stream Corridors in Montana (1998)

The Consensus Building Institute's resource on stakeholder assessments.